We have registered on the Stephen Lewis Foundation Stride donation page.  It is very similar to last year when we did the actual walk.
Our goal is to walk, as a group, 10254 kilometres which is the distance from Burundi to Ethiopia.  Our walk will take us through the 15 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa where the SLF supports grassroots projects.

Our financial goal is $15000 in donations. (last year was over $13000).  After last year we had said we would wait a year or two before doing Stride again and asking our family and friends for donations, however everything has changed and this may be our only chance for the year to fundraise to any large extent. 
We are asking our members to support this in two ways. The first is to register as a Team Member and send out to contacts asking for donations. The second way is to walk, run or bike etc and log your steps or kms. 

Our group name:
South Okanagan Grandmother’s Virtual Walk for Africa.
Here is a link to that webpage:  https://slf.akaraisin.com/ui/stridetoturnthetide/team/292312
You can go to that page and register. If you registered last year you can use that login and password, or create a new one.

Click on this link for the Activity Conversion Chart.
Click here to access the Spreadsheet that Susan has created for us to track our progress (eg number of kms).
We also have a map of our walking route through Africa.

We are asking members to participate through activity even if you don’t register for an online donation page.
Please email Susan with your km tally- this can be done weekly or bi-weekly and she will keep a running total which we will post to the group from time to time.  We will update the map below to show our progress.